Podcast: Lube with Nate Bagley

Podcast: Lube with Nate Bagley


I have loved being the season 3 co-host for the Loveumentary Podcastwith Nate Bagley.  Nate is one of those people who is both passionate and curious which make for an incredible podcast host.


In this episode, we delve deep into the land of lube.  No not your car lube, but your sexual health lube.  At first glance, Nate had no idea why I was pushing this topic so hard for one of our podcasts.  He wondered how we could do 30 minutes on a topic so basic.  I mean, you use lube, it reduced friction, the end.  Actually no. Beyond the types of lube, in this episode we are going to look at how lubrication can actually contribute to or erode your sexual health.  For example, lubrication can make sperm explode and sluff off the first layer of skin in the vagina.

And that’s just the beginning.  There is SO much to lube that I am going to guarantee this episode might just blow your world.

My motto?  Friends don’t let friends use KY Jelly.



PS–This episode was a result of the incredible work Sarah Mueller and Smitten Kitten have done to make this world a safer, sexier and more inclusive world.

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