Exposed: Teaching Kids About the Harms of Pornography from a Sex-Positive Perspective

Every child will come across pornography. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Are you prepared to guide them?

Many have asked for the nitty gritty on issues that matter most to them as a parent. In Exposed - Teaching Kids About the Harms of Pornography From a Sex Positive Perspective, parents will be given new insights and concrete tools to guide their kids through this new digital landscape.

This 60-minute course on pornography and the accompanying digital workbook are for you if you are:

  • feeling overwhelmed
  • not sure where to start
  • confused on what to do
  • avoiding the topic
  • wanting to become the safe source for your kids to get sexual health information

The course will empower you with:

  • CONFIDENCE in engaging your children around the topic of sexually explicit material
  • TOOLS to communicate with your child/children about pornography
  • UNDERSTANDING of different reasons kids look at pornography
  • LANGUAGE to be able to say more than,”Porn is bad. Don’t look at it.”
  • DEFINITION of what pornography is in your home
  • SCRIPTS on how to bring up the conversation
  • RESOURCES on safeguarding your kids devices
  • PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES if you need support for current events in your home

Come join us to learn how to make a plan and develop open conversations about pornography.